Modern Approaches to Professional Teeth Whitening

Cheap Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening belongs to the one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. With a wide variety of means and methods available in the dental industry today, professional teeth whitening has never been more affordable and accessible. There is a lot of things to consider before undergoing any kind of dental intervention (especially when speaking about ubiquitous do-it-yourself kits), thus we recommend you to get your healthcare professional’s advice before taking any actions.

If you are dreaming about a perfect dazzling white smile, the information given in this article will be interesting for you. Below we will dwell upon different approaches to teeth whitening, its cost and advantages as well as possible side effects.

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Options

On a par with in-office treatment, there exists a wide array of different over the counter (OTC) bleaching products. As a rule, these have a temporary effect and work mechanically removing the surface stains. These products include chewing gums, innovative toothbrushes and whitening toothpastes. They do not pretend to make dramatic difference in your teeth shade, but they are good means to maintain your professionally whitened teeth. Generally, these bleaching means are the cheapest ones.

Other OTC products include special strips and paint-ons, the active ingredient of which is a low concentrated peroxide-based substance. If the first group of products uses mechanical force to eliminate staining, these apply chemicals. Still being inexpensive, they can improve your smile up to two shades.

There is also a separate group of whitening products widely advertised on the Internet and TV. These include teeth whitening gels, solutions and whole do-it-yourself kits. We strongly recommend to use these with caution and get oral care professional’s advice before use. The effectiveness of these is beyond doubt, but they can lead to undesirable adverse reactions. A lot of them include acid based elements besides peroxide which can cause teeth, gums and soft tissues damages.

Professional Teeth Whitening Options

The most beneficial and safe method of bleaching is a professional teeth whitening, which is available in two forms: in-office and at-home procedures. The former is the most expensive method which may require several visits. Its main advantage is that the procedure is wholly controlled by a dentist and you have nothing to worry about. During the in-office procedure the dentist applies peroxide agents directly onto the teeth or with the help of trays. Some clinics use a laser or other kinds of light source to accelerate the process. This gives the advantage of immediate bleaching up to five shades or even more. However, some minor laser teeth whitening side effects were reported by those who underwent laser treatment (excessive sensitivity).

Professional teeth whitening procedures can be also executed at home. In this case the doctor creates custom fit trays and calculates the amount of active ingredient needed. The patient gets an advice on the treatment and starts it at home. Because of the wise regulation of the ingredients amount and professionals’ supervision, this method is far safer than kits advertised on the net.

The aforementioned methods will work with natural teeth only. If you have undergone any kind of dental works in the front part of your mouth you definitely need doctor’s advice regarding bleaching techniques for your particular case.

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